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  1 μήνα πριν

Lockdown through the eyes of children

We aske the children to tell us all the good things about lockdown. Here’s what they said
We don’t have to eat sandwich’s for lunch, we can have pizza or pasta sometimes
More homemade pancakes
We get warm orange squash, we didn’t have that before lockdown
We feed the birds more often, and we made bird feeders
School is 2 hours not 8 hours
Man and Dad can’t complain about screen time because it’s school
PE means playing outside
Getting packages in post from Granny and Granda
Dad made a swing for us using a tyre
Long hair
Granny learned how to video call better
Ask your children / grandchildren (and Patricia, your pupils) this question, I’d love to hear what they say.


  1 μήνα πριν
lovely Απάντηση
0 σχόλια


  1 μήνα πριν
that is nice Απάντηση
0 σχόλια


  1 μήνα πριν
lovely Απάντηση
0 σχόλια


  1 μήνα πριν
This is lovely there are positives also from home schooling Απάντηση
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  1 μήνα πριν
That’s cool Απάντηση
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  1 μήνα πριν
Timtats I’m just being noisy but who is “we” Απάντηση
1 σχόλια


  1 μήνα πριν
Well for my kid is not that simple , for my kid is lack of therapies delivered by school , regression , loss of skills that take months to learn , loss of routine , lack of understanding of what's going on . Απάντηση
2 σχόλια

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