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  1 μήνα πριν
What happened to just enjoying books. Απάντηση
0 σχόλια


  1 μήνα πριν
I believe books written in the past for children should always be monitored to make sure they align with the values and beliefs a community has, however some of these books are a timeless classic and it will be unfortunate that some kids won’t be able to enjoy them in the same light. Απάντηση
0 σχόλια


  1 μήνα πριν
Better not to publish. Απάντηση
1 σχόλια


  1 μήνα πριν
that's better. Απάντηση
1 σχόλια


  1 μήνα πριν
I read Dr Seuss to my kids when they were little. I still have them on the bookshelf. I don't own the titles they are not republishing, but would love to have them to go with my Little Black Sambo, Three Golliwogs, and Noddy books. Noddy and Big Ears were banned at one stage, because they lived together and shared a bed, and because they were scared of the golliwogs and used to run away from them. This week Muppets were labelled racist for their portrayal of African Americans and Asians. I have collected Muppet memorabilia for years and never once saw the racism. Time for these cancel everything softies to learn some resilience and back off Απάντηση
4 σχόλια


  1 μήνα πριν
.I couldn't believe it when I heard this, I can't stand this. It has to stop now. Dr Suess was only trying to help kids to read and these people are idiots. Απάντηση
3 σχόλια


  1 μήνα πριν
How much more ridiculous is all this going to get? I am really getting sick of it. The offended minority needs its collective backside slapped in my opinion. Απάντηση
2 σχόλια


  1 μήνα πριν
I heard on Channel 7 news 6pm 3/3/21 that the Muppets are being investigated by these people Απάντηση
6 σχόλια


  1 μήνα πριν
And on it goes. Απάντηση
2 σχόλια


  1 μήνα πριν
Good Grief!! Whatever next?? Απάντηση
8 σχόλια
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