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  1 μήνα πριν

Bicycle stories

When i lived in the city just after I left school I didn't have a car, my transport was mainly by bicycle, walking or public transport. I was going to TAFE and it was good in the morning as I lived on a hill, TAFE was at the bottom of the hill, I could pedal hard if I was late but a bit of a drag in the afternoon going up the hill, I would mostly jump off and walk my bike up the hill. Anyone got a good bicycle story?


  1 μήνα πριν
Only from when I was a kid, loved the little bike I had. Απάντηση
0 σχόλια


  1 μήνα πριν
About 3 years ago I decided to ride my 'real' bike outside. So was very confident as I used to be a good rider. Out comes the daughter's bike. So embarrassing, as neighbour's were watching, just getting my leg over the seat and trying to take off was a nightmare so hence I shall stick to my own exercise bike in the house thank you very much. Απάντηση
2 σχόλια


  1 μήνα πριν
I drove a bike when I was younger, and even when I started to work as as a after school casual at Coles, until I got my drivers license Απάντηση
1 σχόλια


  1 μήνα πριν
I had a horrible crash on my bike as a kid. Lots of blood and many stitches. Απάντηση
1 σχόλια


  1 μήνα πριν
Story 1. Riding my bicycle during COVID lockdown... gave me better legs!
Story 2. Riding my bicycle, while chasing a Darrell Lea chocolate block (and having it filmed)... won me a hamper of Darrell Lea chocolate !
Story 3. Not riding a bicycle, but my then 4-year-old-son was knocked over by a bicycle in Parramatta Park and injured so we raced him to the nearby hospital. He had to have X-rays, but we had to chase him along the corridors after he took off crying, "they're going to take my bones out!" The mind of a child...
2 σχόλια


  1 μήνα πριν
Well, it had training wheels and I didn't like it as it wasn't pink. Απάντηση
3 σχόλια


  1 μήνα πριν
Please tell me you wore the full Lycra outfit and helmet JB Απάντηση
1 σχόλια

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